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Help for Mongolia : Call to action!

Dear Tornado fans and members, as you might recall we are working together with our former forward Agi Ichinnorov
Agi Ichinnorov
 from Mongolia to help develop ice hockey in his native country. The Luxembourg national team also used to play against Mongolia during the world championships, however, Mongolia is now unable to qualify for any international tournament due to problems with their ice rink. Please find below a letter from former Tornado Thierry Holtzem
Thierry Holtzem
 that explains how you can help us in this great cause:

"I write to you on behalf of a good friend of us all, and surely one of the best guys on and off the ice that has ever worn both the Tornado and Puckers jerseys: Agi Ichinnorov!
As I plan to travel to Mongolia in a few weeks time, I asked Agi if I could bring something from Luxembourg. He then mentioned a ‘cool' project that he is on in Ulan Bator: he wants to renovate the concrete base of their (only) ice rink so that kids can play street hockey during summer and ice hockey in winter. Currently, the rink surface is in such poor condition, that playing hockey is impossible. He will need some 4,500€ to get the job done, and managed to already collect 2,000€.
I told him that maybe his hockey friends from Luxembourg would step up to the challenge and help him with the rest of the money he will need.

So, dear friends, here it is: if you want to help Agi and the kids in Ulan Bator who want to play hockey, maybe you would be so kind as to transfer your contribution to the following account:

IBAN LU 70 1111 1732 4402 0000
Mention: Hockey Mongolia

In order to make the best of the building season, he would need to have the money sort of soon, so let’s see how much money we can raise in 2 weeks!
Feel free to share this post with other friends of Agi or any of your own friends who might be interested in helping the hockey kids in Mongolia to get back on the ice!

The full amount collected (even if it should come to more than 2,500 €) will be sent to Agi to repair the ice rink and support Mongolian Ice Hockey. For the sake of transparency, you can post the amount that you transferred to the bank account in the comments section, and in turn I will post the Western Union Transfer that I will make to Agi on this site as well so everybody will be able to see that ALL the money did go to Agi.

Agi will of course keep us updated on the work done at the rink.

Please give and give generously if you wish to support Agi’s project.

Thank you very much!
Thierry Holtzem"

Geschrieben von manginho, am 23.06.2015 um 18:18 Uhr.

  • chrisdye, 03.07.2015 - 18:49

    If you can put up a banner calling it "Chris Dye Arena", I will gladly donate the 2500 euro (I know it's a bit vain, but having a hockey rink named after me in Mongolia would put a smile on my face every day)

  • chrisdye, 09.07.2015 - 03:48

    $2500 US dollars posted today

  • manginho, 13.07.2015 - 12:33

    nice chris!! great!

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