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First home win for Tornado!!

On December 12th the Evry Viry Hockey 91 visited the Tornado Luxembourg in the Patinoire Kockelscheuer, where the Tornado Luxembourg beat their guest in a 6-4 game.

Teams offered a thriller for numerous audience where the Tornado fans who travelled the furthest all the way from Augsburg to support their favourite team and cheer on their idols.

Evry Viry had came to Luxembourg with 12 players when same time home team had 19 skaters on their roster. So the storyline was set: could home the team out skate the skillfull visitors?

At the beginning of the game Evry Viry showed their effectivness on thepower play by scoring the opening goal in the 5th minute of the game. A couple of minutes later Tornado had their change and Thiery Beran managed to equalize the game in front of the net. Only one and a half minutes later Olli Kuusjärvi
Olli Kuusjärvi
 scored 2-1 for Tornado. At 18.35 Teemu Hinkula
Teemu Hinkula
 scored 3-1 on a powerplay after a nice set up by Vesa Hirvonen
Vesa Hirvonen
 and Ossi Uotila
Ossi Uotila

At the start of the second period Evry Viry's powerplay was once again effective cutting the lead to one goal. During the second period Tornado managed to set up lot of scoring chances. Still they could only score once when Teemu Hinkula
Teemu Hinkula
 used his famous wrist shot at the half way through the period. At the end of the period Evry Viry continued to fight and again cut the lead by scoring their 3rd goal and again they were only one goal away from the home team.

Tornado got their chances to crack their opponents back by having s 2 men powerplay at the beginning of the 3rd period. Despite many open net spots, the team weren't be able to use this chance. Luckily just after the penalties were over Tornado's all time scoring leader Mr. Cannon showed his character as a leading player and scored the important 5-3 goal which was the game winning goal. Even though Evry Viry managed score once again, Tornado continued to fight and got their first home win. The last nail in the opponent's coffin was Colm Cannon's second goal of the night five minutes before the end of the game.

With this win Tornado got their first home win of the season so players could enjoy their well deserved Christmas party at Mario's and afterwards headed to the city center probably until the dawn.

Colm Cannon
Colm Cannon
 (2+1), Ossi Uotila
Ossi Uotila
 (0+3) and Vesa Hirvonen
Vesa Hirvonen
 (0+3) were the topscorers of the game with 3 points each. Some players attracted attention by breaking personal season-highs, namely Colm Cannon
Colm Cannon
 (3 points) and Vesa Hirvonen
Vesa Hirvonen
 (3 points). Out of these two teams' last 4 encounters, Tornado Luxembourg won 75% of the games (3 out of 4). The Tornado Luxembourg will play their next game on December 19th against the Colmar Titans. Next home game will be the previously cancelled game against Dijon. The new game day is 9th of January so update your calendars!

Geschrieben von ThePassingOne, am 12.12.2015 um 21:09 Uhr.

3 Stars of the game
voted by Sport50
Colm Cannon - Tornado Luxembourg
Ossi Uotila - Tornado Luxembourg
Vesa Hirvonen - Tornado Luxembourg

Tornado Luxembourg
Evry Viry Hockey 91
Tornado Luxembourg
Evry Viry Hockey 91
  • manginho, 14.12.2015 - 10:49

    Great article and an even better game result!

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