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A Playoff Berth Showdown!!!

Coming weekend is the most important weekend so far this season for Luxembourg Tornado. More or less this weekend shows if Tornado will go to playoff games or not. Tornado will have double game weekend when Colmar will visit in Kockelscheuer on Saturday and the postponed game against Reims will be played on Sunday in Kockelscheuer. So Tornado fans, be ready for the hockey weekend!

Tornado wants to support their loyal fans by offering free entrance for the Sunday game with the Saturday game's ticket!

Before the weekend group standing is following:
1 Epinal 2 13 games 34 points
2 Valenciennes 11 games 28 points
3 Chalons 12 games 26 points
4 Colmar 12 games 18 points
5 Luxembourg 11 games 13 points
6 Dijon 2 12 games 10 points
7 Reims 11 games 6 points
8 Amiens 2 12 games 6 points

As it can be seen there is huge battle between Colmar and Tornado for the last playoff spot. Tornado has three games left. They will be against the biggest opponent Colmar, Reims and Amiens. Colmar has only two games left, Tornado and one of the top teams Chalons.

By winning last games Tornado will reach the 4th place and go to the playoffs. This shouldn't be insuperable challenge as the opponents are not top of the group. Tornado have already won Amiens and Reims earlier this season and had a tight game in Colmar with the final score 4-6.

Befeore the Christams coach Fical made some finetuning for team's tactic and after that the Tornado has been able to challenge all the teams in the group. With that and the support of our amazing fans we believe that we have a good change to reach our playoff aim!


written by ThePassingOne, on 05.02.2017 at 18:35 h.

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