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Tornado took an easy win in their last home game.

After the huge hockey fest on Satruday, Tornado played their last home game of the season on Sunday against Reims.

If we had 350 crazy supporters in the house on Saturday, on Sunday there was maybe 35. Maybe the painful lost deprsessed people, which is understandable. Anyway, it didn't depress the team. Tornado had no worries during the evening even Reims, of course, started scoring. In the end the game ended 5-3. Tornados scorers were David Muller
David Muller
, Ossi Uotila
Ossi Uotila
, Marcus Eriksson
Marcus Eriksson
, Tony Jakubse and Colm Cannon
Colm Cannon
 (or at least the game sheet says so, the truth might be a bit different).

One remarkable thing to point out is that the Grand Old Man, Patrick Schon
Patrick Schon
 announced his retirement (once again). So probably this was one of his last home games again.

Tornado will still play their last France D3 game in Amiens on coming Saturday. The last Lux Cup game will be played on Thursday 23th when Tornado will meet their beloved rival in Beaufort.

written by ThePassingOne, on 15.02.2017 at 17:30 h.

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