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Tornado crushes Dijon at home, 6-3

Tornado crushes Dijon at home, 6-3

Numerous Tornado fans had arrived again to Kockelscheuer to start the hockey year 2016. Even former Tornado star Emil Folkesson had travalled all the way from Stockholm to support his old team. He brought a group of hockey experts with him and kept up the good atmosphere in the audience as well.

Tornado came to the game with good energy. At 2:24, the score was already 3-0 for Tornado. The main architect in the good start was Tornado's scoring leader Ossi Uotila who scored the first two goals and assisted the 3rd one, which was scored by Olli Kuusjärvi. It seems like Uotila's training camp in Thailand during the Christmas holiday had made good impact on him. Especially on the second goal Uotila showed his fast legs by winning against Dijon's defender in a skating rush.

After receiving 3 goals Dijon took a time out. Apparently Dijon's coach managed to cheer up his team well and create new tactics as after two minutes, the scoreboard showed a 3-2 score. In the end of the first period both teams decided to pay more attention on defending as no more goals were booked.

During the break, the Tornados decided that they have all the keys in their hands to win the game and they came to the second period with a good fighting spirit. The start of the second period was almost as wild as in the first period. It only took 4 minutes and Tornado had already scored twice, with goals from Colm Cannon and Yannick Hamri. No more goals were scored in the second period and the teams went to the break with a 5-2 score.

Even though Dijon was trailing by 3 goals, they didn't give up. They came to the 3rd period with a good spirit and managed to score their 3rd goal at 42:08. Anyway, Dijon ruined their change for the win by taking a lot of penalties. One of the key moments happened at 46:29, when Dijon's Theophile Held lost his temper after a normal corner combat and took a rare 2+2+2 minutes penalty. During that power play Colm Cannon scored a beauty after being assisted by Yannick Hamri and Marcus Ericsson.

The rest of the period was such a hassle because of the huge amount of penalties. As it was Dijon who took most of the time in the box, they had no chance to fight for the win anymore.

The Tornado got a good start for the year. Ossi Uotila (2+2), Vesa Hirvonen 0+3) and Colm Cannon (2+0) were the best point scorers in the game. Interesting fact in the game was that 3 of Tornado's goals were score when the team was playing shorthanded.

This was Tornado's second home win in a row and they have won 3 of their last 4 games. Next chance to improve their record and take the 4th position in the league table will be next Saturday when Epinal will come to Luxembourg. The game will be played at 19h00 at Pationoire de Kockelscheuer as always. SEE YOU THERE!