A victory to build momentum

19 November 2021

Still looking for a first win in this French D3 championship, the Tornado travel to Chalons on Saturday (18:30) to face the Gaulois team that has 7 points in the standings.
Last Saturday's defeat against Metz may have seemed like déjà vu at the start of this complicated season, but if you look at it, it also contained positive ingredients in the discipline and engament.
For the Tornado, there is no more calculation to make: the next four weekends will be decisive. Chalons is the first step, but there will be Champigny in Kockelscheuer, then the reception of Dijon with the beginning of the return matches and the big derby against Beaufort Knights. "We are very close to getting our first victory which will be the beginning of what we hope to be a continued upward trend. We will go to Chalons with a real desire to be able to continue the hard work done by the players and this time hopefully find that elusive first victory" says Colm Cannon, our captain.
The match will be broadcast on Fanseat: Click here