Trip to Nice or Briançon in the playoffs?

27 February 2023

It's already been a week since the Tornado's regular season ended with a defeat against Chalons in Kockelscheuer, which nevertheless gives hope for the near and distant future. The Tornado finished 6th in group C after this first phase and thus obtained the right to continue the adventure in D3 with a playoff round.
The question is where our boys will have to travel to as they have to play the 3rd place team in Group D. As the last day in this group will be played next weekend (March 5th), 2 teams can still finish in this 3rd place : Nice II and Briançon II. The suspense will last until the end. In the game of predictions, we could put a ticket on Nice. Indeed, this last day will see Nice travelling to Nîmes. This seems to be more favourable than for Briançon, who receives Lyon, the solid and implacable leader (12 victories in 13 games).
The Tornado should receive their opponent on March 11 in Kockelscheuer, (still to be confirmed) then travel there on March 18. This will be followed by the always exciting derby against Beaufort in Kockelscheuer on 25 March. This is March madness for the Tornado.