Tornado Luxembourg - A nice home opener

Photo by Savelyi

24 September 2023

After 6 months of summer break, the round hard rubber disc finally slides again over the home ice. This Saturday the Tornados receive the traveled from near Paris, Dammarie-les-Lys for the first game of the regular season. The coach can be pleased in advance of a newly formed squad, without injury-related absences. However, the coach pointed out that the pre-season was too short, with only 2 weeks of preparation. The other D3 teams had on average 2 weeks more to prepare than the Tornados. A shortcoming which will probably be rectified next season, given the work carried out over the summer. At 18:45, the spectators slowly make their way to their seats. About 170 spectators do not want to miss the first game of the new season in Kockelscheuer, which is less than the usual average attendance. In the first period, the home team manages to put the puck in the opponent's goal 3 times. Also in the 2nd period the Tornados remain with white vest and can increase to 5-0. In the final period. The Tornados have been able to extend the lead even further and even achieve a double-digit final result, narrowly missing the shutout for their own goalkeeper (Lepage Philippe #31). The game ends 10-1 for the home team and the Tornados start the new season with a clear victory. The only fly in the ointment: With 28 penalty minutes in this first game, Christer Eriksson cannot not be fully satisfied.

A very good performance in this first match against a team that took part in the Final 4 just a few months ago. It's fair to say, though, that this team must have undergone a major overhaul this summer, so this was a victory to be taken with humility, without drawing any hasty conclusions. In any case, a good omen before the reception of Meudon next Saturday (Kockelscheuer – 19:00).


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