Short victory in Meudon

Photo by Saveliy Solomanin

09 December 2023

After 3 wins in a row in the D3 Group C, against Champigny and then twice against Mulhouse, the Tornados travelled to Meudon this Saturday. The aim was to confirm this fine run and consolidate a fine 3rd place in the standings before a crucial trip to second-placed Evry-Viry on 16 December.
The Tornados, wearing white as always away from home, started the game in earnest, without showing any crushing dominance against Meudon 2, made up essentially of maturing youngsters and a few seasoned veterans. In fact, the first third was rather tight, with no timeouts. We had to wait until the 2nd period to wake up a little, when Adrien Maurer scored (35'58) from a rebounded shot by Anthony Vincens. The goal crowned a strong period for the Whites. In the 3rd period, the Tornado even added to their lead through Antoine Thomas (51'54) on a magnificent pass from Grigorijs Holodkovs, but a series of penalties meant that the end of the 3rd period was going to be tricky. And so it proved, as Meudon came back to score through Russian Maxim Boltushkin (54'00). Often outnumbered 4 to 5, and even 3 to 5 in the last 6 minutes (12 penalty minutes in the 3rd period), the Tornados had to show their solidarity and fighting spirit to resist the reds. The score remained 2-1. A victory for the Luxembourgers that won't go down in the annals in terms of form, but one that counts for a lot mentally, as well as in the table.
At the same time, Mulhouse beat Dammarie, 4th in the group. The Tornadoes were therefore the big winners of the evening, moving provisionally into second place behind Evry-Viry (Evry-Viry are 2 games behind) and leaving Dammarie-les-Lys 7 points behind.