Tornado wins big in Champigny

22 January 2024

In the race for second place, the Tornado travelled to Champigny-sur-Marne on Saturday. Although CHC were in last place in Group C, there was a real danger of a trap. On closer inspection, the Elans de Champigny had racked up many defeats, but always by relatively narrow scores, even against the group's top three. What's more, the Tornado's high scores in the LHL could have left the Luxembourgers with a harmful overconfidence.
The start of the game reflected this threat, with CHC opening the scoring after just 2 minutes. The home side made the first 15 minutes difficult for the Tornado, and the much-feared scenario gradually took shape. Nevertheless, Colm Cannon (17'05) and Adrien Maurer (18'10) turned the tide in less than a minute, putting the visitors 1-2 ahead at the intermission. Conor Leonard's 2 goals after the restart (20'18 and 22'22) sealed the fate of the match. Champigny never saw the light of day again, dominated in all areas of the game by a disciplined White side. The Tornado took home a big win from the Paris region (8-1) and 3 precious points to stay in the race for second place against Evry-Viry. Dammarie, defeated at the same time by Meudon, seems no longer able to worry Luxembourg in this quest. After their defeat at Dammarie last weekend, Chalons had a tough time of it against Metz, but their 1st place doesn't seem to be in jeopardy.
The Tornado will welcome Metz to Kockelscheuer on February 3 (19:00) in a derby with a lot at stake. Kockelscheuer should be boiling hot that evening (click here to get your ticket).