Tornado will meet Drakkars de Caen in the 2nd round

Tornado will meet Drakkars de Caen in the 2nd round

An exciting playoff spring continues already this Saturday when Drakkars de Caen will travel to Luxembourg. It was a bit unclear against whom and when Tornado will play but on Wednesday everything was confirmed.

Caen had problems in the first round

As a group winner, Caen played against Asniéres, who were second in our group, in the first round. In the playoff system that game only decided the path forward for both of those teams. The first game of the series was played in Caen where Asniéres took a 3-4 win. The second game was supposed to be played in Asniéres, but there was a problem with the ice and the game was cancelled. As both of the teams were going to continue the season anyway, the French ice hockey federation took a decision to call Caen the winner of the series based on their better ranking in the group stage. This was a decision the French federation had to take in order to find feasible dates for the games in the second round.

Caen is familiar team for Tornado

Two seasons ago Tornado and Caen were in the same group. Then Caen was 4th in the group when Tornado was 2nd. Then teams met twice: In their home game Caen defeated Tornado badly with a score 9-1. In Luxembourg Tornado took a revenge and beat Caen with the score 7-3. Anyway, Caen managed to get all the way until the Final four tournament in that season so as an experienced team, they have been strong in playoffs.

Caen has had a good season

As mentioned, Caen won the group A by losing only two games during the regular season. As we can see from the statistics, they have scored lot of goals and have been strong in penalty killing. On the other hand they lost a home game against Asniéres form our group, so it is very probable that another interesting playoff series is ahead.

The first game will be played in Luxembourg already this Saturday at 19:00. The second leg will be played the week after in Caen.

Hockey can’t get more interesting than this, come to Kockelscheuer this Saturday, cheer for your Tornado and let’s make the 3rd round playoff dream to come true!