Asnières was stronger in the home opener

Asnières was stronger in the home opener

The hockey season started in Kockelscheuer on Saturday evening in front of a great and noisy home crowd when Asniéres travelled to Luxembourg to meet Tornado. Asnières showed why year after year they have been one of the strongest teams in division 3. They took 7-3 win and brought the 3 points back with them.

Asnières had a good start

It took only 10 minutes and suddenly the game was already 3-0 to Asnières. It was time for Tornado to wake up. After the shocking start, Tornado got a bit more into the game and finally in the end of the period Vlad Shelest scored on power play after Colm Cannon had delivered the puck to the net. 3-1 after 20 minutes.

Tornado got close in the second period

In the second period, Tornado was determined to take the game back. Two period wins were needed and it’s not impossible in hockey. After 5 minutes of play, Tornado got a two man power play, playing with 5 against Asnières' 3. Again, Shelest did his job in front of the net as he took a rebound of Teemu Hinkula’s shot and put it back in the net. Tornado was now only one goal behind. A special mention shall be given the young Shelest, who took many hits but is adapting to playing with the seniors. He has now scored in both of his two first games, and will surely improve his game further throughout the season - keep an eye out on him.

Tornado got a good chance immediately to tie the game as Asnières took a 2+2 penalty. Well, it didn’t go as planned. Asnières got the puck to Tornado’s zone and took, not that dangerous shot, from the blue line. Unluckily, the puck deflected from Hinkula’s big butt and surprised Maximilen Ludovigy in Tornado’s net and the game was 4-2 to Asnières. Hinkula had a lot to apologize to Max after the game as he had already deflected one own goal in the first period. Luckily, Hinkula is losing weight and butt size fast.

After that another chance on power play was offered to Tornado and this time it was Tony Jakubse who took the rebound of Cannon’s shot and again Tornado was only one goal behind. But then it was Tornado who took a penalty and Asnières defender Alexis Besson made a coast to coast move and finalized his act with a goal. 5-3 to visitors after 40 minutes.

Tornado couldn’t execute in the third period

After a decent second period, the third was supposed to be the one where Tornado takes the chances and wins the game. Unfortunately, this didn’t happen and half way through the period Asnières scored two goals in 2 minutes and Tornado’s spine was snapped.

Asnières is a good team with three solid and experienced lines. To beat this kind of a team, Tornado needs to be determined and disciplined. On Saturday evening it didn’t happen, despite the great support from the encouraging fans. The second line also needs to get the momentum back from the first game and produce some more points.

Luckily in hockey there is always the next game. This time it will be in two week, 12th October when Dijon travels to Luxembourg, and the team will once again need support from all the fans! Dijon has also won one game and lost one. Now it’s time for Tornado to get back to practice and improve and grow together.