Bitter loss for Tornado as losing streak reaches 4

Bitter loss for Tornado as losing streak reaches 4

In the second home game of the season, Tornado was hopeful to finally get their first win as the opponent, les Gaulois Chalons, was usually on the losing end when visiting the Kockelscheuer rink, at least in recent years.

But the result would tell otherwise.

The Eriksson squad got off to a good start when Colm Cannon scored his first goal of the season on a pass by Julien Dequidt at 5:58, but the first lead of a game of the season should be the only bright light for a long time. Chalons found their rhythm and it was just a matter of time before excellent goaltender Philippe Lepage would let one of the 25 shots in the first period slip by. And it so happened at 14:24 on a 3-on-2 breakaway chance and the score was tied at 1. 5 minutes later, just before the end of the period, Chalons found the back of the net again and the score at the first intermission was 1-2.

The second period was all Chalons as the guests managed to score 3 unanswered even-strength goals in a span of less than 10 minutes between 30:41 and 39:29. Tornado seemed to give up and the hopes of finally getting a win this season was but a distant glimmer.

In the third, that glimmer of hope started shining again at 47:20 when Thierry Beran tallied on a pass by Julien Dequidt and Robert Beran, but Chalons had nothing of it and doubled up on that score with two goals within 5 minutes. Even the second goal by Colm Cannon at 18:18 wouldn't help - a nice deflection in front of the net on a shot from the point by Christophe Thiry - the loss stood at 3-7.

Tornado faces some soul-searching after another catastrophic start to the season, despite a strong roster with Benny Welter returning from injury and Georges Scheier playing in his first game of the season.
Philippe Lepage was strong in goal, facing over 50 shots for the 3rd time this season, but it would not be enough to save his team.

The next home game will be next Saturday against perpetual league leader Strasbourg who, unusually, already has 2 losses this season. Hopefully Tornado can get out of their slump and finally get a win.