Game preview Tornado - ACBB

Game preview Tornado - ACBB

The spring is coming (hopefully soon), and in hockey it means that things are getting even more exciting.


In the French Division 3, this weekend is the last round of the regular season for most of the teams. After last weekend’s 4-0 lost against Champigny, Tornado had to give up the dream of 2nd place in the group. But nonetheless, there is still something at stake this weekend.


After the regular season, the teams from the group C will play against group D teams. The first two teams of both groups will play against each other and both of the teams will immediately go to the second round in any case. Then, as showed in the picture below, the 3rd-ranked team will play against the 6th, while the 4th faces the 5th. The winner of those pairs will go to the second round.


In today’s game the stakes are clear, the winner will take the 4th spot ! There is a theoretical chance for Tornado to climb up to higher positions, but as Dammarie will play its last game against Fontenay and Champigny against Dijon, the most probable result is that they will win those games and take the 2nd and 3rd spot in the group.


This evening’s opponent comes to Luxembourg after delivering a solid 4-0 win against Reims just a week before. The Tornado’s need to be alert about ACBB’s two players, number 3 Jorge Burgos Ramirez and number 27 Yvan Chevanese. Burgos Ramirez has collected an impressive 24 (18 + 6 ) and Chevanse 20 (2 + 18) points this season.


In the first game of the season, Tornado won against ACBB in Paris after a thriller, 7-6. Also note that Tornado played only with 10 players back then.


Let’s hope that this evening will bring another thriller and with the support of our loyal fans, the Tornados can start to prepare the play off-journey with a win in the back mirror.