Still no home win for Tornados

Still no home win for Tornados

After two successful away games, Tornado Luxembourg came back to the home rink with high hopes. The opponent from Dammarie was only one point behind Tornado in the group.

Both teams started the game pretty nervously. Tornados managed to have two shots to the post but still it was Dammarie who got the first marks to the gamesheet. Their goal came after a lucky bounce with 5 minutes in the clock. That worried not only the  Tornado but also our numerous spectators. Still the game was får from over and Tornado was very furiously chasing for an equaliser. 5 minutes before the end of the first period Shorty Müller (or Henri Öörni!?) managed to score the relieving goal and the game was 1-1 before the break.

During the break, coach Fical tried to fire up more spirit into the team but maybe there was too much passion involved as team Tornado arrived too late to the start of the second period and referees had to call 2 minutes penalty for delaying the game.

In the second period, the game continued pretty even and after 13 minutes of playing the spectators got what they wanted as Shoty Müller released Henri Öörni to the open net and the game was 2 to 1 to Tornados. That would have been a good result for Tornados but just 3 minutes after the goal Dammarie managed to build up a hassle which ended up with a goal foe them. The second period ended with 2-2 on the scoreboard.

There was lot at stake in the third period and it was Dammarie who took the advantage of the game by scoring the first goal of the period, 3-2 to Dammarie. As we all know, hockey is an interesting sport and our big goal scorer, Colm Cannon took a backhand shot which ended into the net of Dammarie and the exciting game was even again, 3-3. So far our first line had scored all the goals and now it was our second line’s change to show some effort. This time it didn’t work as Dammaries attacker Daniel Sevcik managed to send the wrister of his lifetime just under the bar which surprised our otherwise well playing goalie Gilles Mangen. Now we were one goal behind again.

Pushing and pushing, that’s what Tornados truly did, but still there was not enough maturity in the team to to show to our loyal fans what the team is made of. The unfortunate result was that Dammarie won, had a dinner at Mario’s and travelled home with three points more in the standings.

No excuses, we had our chances and we had an opportunity to win this game but maybe we were not mature enough to do it, at times lacking efficiency. I wouldn’t say that it was a bad game but still, when it’s needed, some players need to have the character and show the guts. It’s not enough if the first line only scores the goals.

Next weekend Tornadoes have the biggest challenge they can have as they are travelling to Epinal to challenge the most dominant team of the league. Next home game will be in two weeks, 03/11, against Reims .