The 1st round playoffs series is tied after 60 minutes

The 1st round playoffs series is tied after 60 minutes

Tornados’ long-awaited playoffs started in Boulonge-Billancourt where the local Les Tigres challenged Tornado with simple and active hockey. An exciting game ended 5-5, so the winner of this round will be decided next weekend in Kockelscheuer.

Tornado took a lead in the first period

ACBB started the game well but after 7 minutes of playing Tornado's Triple M-line (Mäenpää-Maurer-Müller) had a stormer shift as they scored two goals in 30 seconds. First goal was scored by Matias Mäenpää who joined the team in December and has been very efficient from the first day. Matias' lovely wife Niina was celebrating her birthday on Saturday so maybe that's why Matias wanted to have his name on the scoresheet as soon as possible as a tribute to her.

The second goal was scored by Adrien Maurer who was everywhere on Saturday. Both goals were assisted by the third link of the line, Shorty Müller.
After the halfway of the period, ACBB managed to score their game opener after a bit of a speculative action. An ACBB player took a shot, Phil Lepage made a painful save with his rib after a classy post to post move, ACBB players started to celebrate and referees decided to call a goal. As far as I know, no-one ever saw the puck in the net as it pumped out from Lepi's equipments in the end. Strange, but what can you do. 1-2 after 20 minutes.

2nd period was ACBB's.

In the second period ACBB kept playing their simple hockey by dumping the puck, fore checking hard and delivering the puck on the net. Due to some lazy back checking and protection of the own net from Tornado, ACBB managed to score three goals in the second period. Luckily Adrien Maurer also scored his second one and Torge Schwandt scored as well with his top shelf wrister. Exciting 4-4 after 40 minutes.

Disciplined Tornado in the third

As this series is about the overall result of two games, there was no sense to take a risk in the third period. More important was to have a decent result for the home game.

Even though ACBB scored their 5th goal in the beginning of the period, Tornado stayed cool and finally Adrian Maurer sealed his hattrick and scored the final result 5-5. Adrian also had an assist for the first goal so he and his line took care of 4 Tornado goals.

Super exciting second game coming

This is what playoffs are all about, living on the edge of life and death. Now the game is tied after 60 minutes. The next 60 minutes will decide which one of the teams will continue their season and which one will need to start the preparation for the next season.
Can sport get more exciting? No, it can't. So next Saturday, at 7pm (doors open at 6.30), in Kockelscheuer, join the party and let's make it to the second round!!!