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Tornado is aiming for a fifth consecutive win

Tornado is aiming for a fifth consecutive win

This weekend Tornado will play the postponed home game against Cergy Pontoise. The teams have met once earlier this season in Cergy. That time Tornado won the game 7-4 with only 10 skaters.

As Tornado’s season has been going well in the latest games, it’s hard to say the same about Cergy. They have lost 5 games out of 6 this season. The only win the have came after overtime against Reims.

It’s pretty clear that Tornado has budgeted 3 points from this game and they are the clear favorite on Saturday. Anyway, Tornado needs to prepare themselves mentally well. In this kind of a games visitors can play without any pressure and that might give them a chance.

Next two games after this Saturday, Tornado will play against other top 3 teams in the group, Courbevoie and Asniéres, so this game is important preparation for that.

Tornado’s roster should be more or less full this weekend when hockey professor Robo Beran has finetuned his body back to the old glory.

The game starts 7pm in Kockelscheuer.