Tornado sent a warning to the whole league

Tornado sent a warning to the whole league

After losing badly with 11-3 in the home game in October, Tornado travelled to Dijon as underdogs. Dijon is holding the 2nd position in the group while Tornado is 5th at the moment. But on this Saturday history meant nothing. Tornado finally showed their spirit, maybe for the first time this season and took an impressive 7-4 win on the road.

Only Dijon scored in the first period

Despite a very solid performance by Tornado, it was only Dijon who managed to score during the first period through their import Sergei Khoroshun.

During the break, the whole team agreed that this was the best Tornado hockey this season and if we can keep the same spirit there is no doubt that we will have a chance to win this game.

Tornado destroyed Dijon in the second period

The second period was a one-team-show. Tornado managed to transfer the spirit from the lockerroom to the ice and the result was 6 goals into Dijon's net. 6-1 after 40 minutes in front of 487 very noisy Dijon fans and drums. WOW, what a period!

Tornado kept the lead in the third

In the third period, Dijon changed their formation and played only with two lines. Despite the facts that either one or the other of their quality imports, Khoroshun and Macko were on ice at any given moment, Tornado managed to protect the lead.

Dijon managed to score 2-6 goal and after that they had a momentum to get into the game when they got a 2 men power play. The fighting Tornado trio took care that the Tornado net was untouchable and after the first penalty ended, Vesa Hirvonen, with a beautiful long pass, sent his D pair Teemu Hinkula to the breakaway who finsihed the spine breaker with his back hand deek.

Dijon managed to score two more goals but in the end they never were able to threath the victory of Tornado in the third period.

The whole team showed the spirit

The super positive part of the game was that each goal was scored by different player. Phil Lepage made many important saves and our newcomer Matias Mäenpää scored his first goal in division 3 and the MVP of the Tornado team was Jonas Mullo who luckily managed to organize hos private life so that he was able to travel to Dijon with the team.

We can smell the playoff spring

The spring is the best time of a hockey players life. This spring starts to smell very good for Luxembourgish hockey fans as there are lots of things to see. Next, Tornado will play two home games against their main opponents Garges and Cergy. These games will decide from which positions teams will go to the playoffs im February.

At the same time Beaufort Knights started their home game row with a spectacular win against the group leader. The cherry of the top will be the World Championships in the last week of April.

Interesting times ahead, stay tuned and see you next Saturday in Kockelscheuer.