Seeking first victory after a tough start

Lo** Da****


13 October 2021

The Tornado team is seeking its first victory of the season after a tough start.

With two losses in the first two games on the road, the team now plans to bounce back. The season preparation was a bit shorter than usual and the COVID break took a lot of rhythm from the team, but the Tornados don’t accept any excuses and now look to get into their normal shape as the season moves on.

Lyon however doesn’t seem to be a good team to face at this point of the season! On the contrary, they remain unbeaten so far. With two wins in two games, they are the favorite today. They’ve beaten Dijon 3-2 and before that, they’ve already managed to beat Champigny on the road.

One fan-favorite will be missing this year: Teemu Hinkula #22 has decided to take a step back for personal reasons, after all these years of being a great entertainer!

But nonetheless, the Tornados can count on a full squad for the first time this season and are hungry to show the home fans what they’re made of. It will be a tough challenge for the Tornados, but nonetheless, it’s time to shine! Let’s show the team all the support they need! #BetterTogether !!!

Please note that access to the arena will be restricted to those with a paper or digital CovidCheck, i.e. only those with a certified certificate proving that they are either vaccinated, recovered or tested negative. Regarding the kids, a certification from school <48h. Certificate of negative COVID-19 test, certified by a school, or a municipal or state official (national only): Persons authorised to certify a COVID-19 test use an official form provided for this purpose by the Direction de la Santé. This certificate is issued in paper form, without QR code. We, Tornado staff, will not be able to perform self-diagnostic testing for SARS-CoV-2 on site. However, if a kid has no certification, they can pay entrance for the public skating and do the tests with the rink employees. 


For this first home match, and this is a great novelty, you have the possibility to buy your tickets directly on the Tornado’s website in the Fan Zone section.

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