Disastrous loss after a thriller

Disastrous loss after a thriller

Everything was set up for Tornado: a good result after the 1st game, the stands were full, the team was committed. Still, everything is possible in hockey. We should say unfortunately, in this case.

Thr first period was a rather even game. Tours was maybe slightly ahead with puck control but Tornado had their chances as well. It was obvious that Tours came to Luxembourg with more discipline than they had in their home game. In the last minute of the first period Tornado got a face off on their offensive zone. Colm Cannon used his trademark face off by shooting the puck straight after the puck dropped towards Tours’ goal. That surprised the goalie and also the spectators as it took a while before everyone noticed that puck was in the net. 1-0 for Tornado after the first period. The overall result was 7-3 and things looked good.

The second period was a killer. A few Tornado penalties proved costly and Tours came closer goal by goal. In 5 minutes Tours scored 3 goals, one shorthanded, two on powerplay and they were suddenly one goal away in the overall score. At time 32:59 Ossi Uotila carried the puck into the offensive zone, made his dangle moves and found Steven Minden at the back post, who had an easy job to put the puck into the net and Tornado could breathe a bit easier again.

But Tours didn’t give up. In the end of the second period they managed to score two more goals, one of them on power play again and suddenly the overall result was tied.

So, the third period was like a new game. The team who would score more, will go to the second round. Tours started with a puck possession. Shift by shift Tornado got more into the game and half way through the period Teemu Hinkula exploded Kockelscheuer by mashing the puck into the net after a rebound. Tornado was again holding the spot to the 2nd round.

But Tours kept going. 4 minutes before the end of the period they managed to tie the series again after power play. Despite a last power play in the end, Tornado didn’t manage to score and it was time for over time.

Overtime was played 3 vs 3 so it was clear that both teams will get their chances to finish the game. Now it was Tornado who took the control and managed to create spots for scoring. Unfortunately, the luck wasn’t on our side this time. After 2 minutes of play Tours got the game to Tornado’s zone and Lilian Boisse managed to slide the puck into the net between Gilles Mangen’s pads. Tornado’s season was over.

Have to say this feels bad, very bad. Lot of effort has made and the crowd in the game was amazing. It was incredible feeling to play and hear those “Tornado” cheers. The fans truly were the sixth player for Tornado on Saturday. Unfortunately, we couldn’t give to you what you would have earned.

It’s hard to say if something should have done differently. The team prepared well and seemed committed. We didn’t play bad but maybe some small decisions and penalties were a sign of some kind of nervousness.

As one of our fans said after the game “A good thing in sports is that there is always a next season.” It has been such a pleasure to play in front of you people and feel your support in the games and on social media. We want to thank you all from the bottom of our heart. I hope you will keep supporting us in future as well.

Now it’s time for the hockey fans in Luxembourg to turn their focus on the national team. The IIB-division world championship will be played in Granada, Spain 14th-21st of April.  #BiggerTogether