Tornado is chasing the spot in the 2nd round
Credit: Pascale BOISSE

Tornado is chasing the spot in the 2nd round

This Saturday in Kockelscheuer at 8pm (please note the time, not our ordinary 7pm starting time), Tornado Luxembourg will play the second game of the 1st play off round in France III division. Tornado won the very hectic and somewhat aggressive first game in Tours with 6-3. The series consists of two games and the winner of the overall result goes to the second round. Should the overall result be equal, an overtime will be played followed by penalties if needed.

In Tours, Tornado played a very disciplined game and was not affected by Tours provocations. This will also be one of the key factors on Saturday. Over the past two weeks the team has been focusing on their simple game system and discipline plays a big part of it.

These two weeks have also caused certain issues with some injuries but Tornado should still be able to set up a roster with a good overall quality.

The winner of this game will face the winner of the Nantes – Caen pair. That series is 3-2 for Nantes after the first game in Caen.

It looks like more and more people are finding an interest in hockey and in Tornado in particular and there should be lot of people in the stands on Saturday. So come an join us and enjoy the play-off spring at 8pm in Kockelscheuer!