Season Cards

Become a part of the family!

Join the Tornado Family by ordering your own Tornado season card♥♥♥
With your own season card for fans and supporters, you:
  • get free access to all our home games, playoffs included!
  • get personal invitations for each game
  • receive our newsletter with all the updates and exclusive content
  • support our great sport of ice hockey in the city of Luxembourg
We'd love to count you among ours! Sign up the form on the right to get your own member card. It will be physically sent to you afterwards!


By filling out the form, you accept following rules :
  • The card gives only access to home games in Kockelscheier, playoff games included
  • Access only granted to the card holder, the name must be written on the back
  • In case the card is lost the club doesn’t refund the card or gives out a new one
  • Access only granted for the games of the season, not the years mentionned on the card
  • In case of abuse of the rules the access to the ice rink for games will be denied